Technical Description

We offer a newly built, modern residential and retail development in the very center of Świeradów Zdrój. Our offer is addressed to an entrepreneur interested in property management for investment purposes, for private rental, and for leisure travelers.

At your disposal are 33 apartments and 11 retail outlets with an area of 66.41 – 126.63 m2. Due to specific requirements of our clients, it is possible to combine and enlarge the area of retail premises. The unique location of the building makes each apartment situated on the sunny side. For the convenience of our guests we offer the possibility of buying a parking space by the building. The investment is located in a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by green landscaping in the city center..

The Investment was released for commercial use at the end of 2015


In front of the building from the main street there is a pedestrian walkway with terraced stairs and entrance to the ground floor retail outlets. At the rear of the building there is a pedestrian walkway, entrance to residential quarters, 24 parking spaces for passenger cars, garbage collection area, flat terrain – grassland landscape.


The property is built in closed partial finish condition. High quality materials were used.

Low Ground, Ground and First Floor are made of the following materials: 

  • Reinforced concrete foundations, foundations walls – concrete,
  • Earthling – copper loop around the perimeter of the building,
  • Foundation insulation – styrofoam 10 cm,
  • Insulation inside and external foundations – dysperbit
  • Load-bearing walls – made of SILKA E-24 blocks and reinforced concrete columns and pillars,
  • Wall insulation – polystyrene 12 cm,
  • Partition walls – made of aerated concrete blocks,
  • Ceilings – plasterboard,
  • Wall and ceiling finish – machine plasters,
  • Concrete floors – insulated with styrofoam,
  • External window parapets – made of copper sheet, inside – PVC,
  • Facade – mineral plaster painted with silicate paint, stone tiles,
  • Internal stairs – monolithic, high quality ceramic tile,
  • Window frames – PVC from the outside in oak color, from the inside white color,
  • Entrance door – exterior PVC in brown color to retail outlets, wooden door to the residential dwellings,
  • Interior doors in apartments – left to individual arrangement.

Attic is made of the following materials:

  • Roof – wooden construction,
  • Roofing – ceramic tile,
  • Insole – in wood color,
  • Gutter and drain pipes – made of copper sheet,
  • Attic insulation – mineral wool 25 cm thick,
  • Walls and ceiling – made of gypsum boards on a metal frame,
  • Window frames – typical and roof windows.


The stucture has 4 levels. The building footprint area is 1.124,25 m2. Usable effective floor area is 3,258,83 m2 including:

  • The low ground floor (836.31 m2) consists of 11 residential units,
  • The ground floor (area 783,19 m2) consists of 11 service units,
  • The floor (area of ​​762.43 m2) consists of 11 residential units,
  • Attic (876.90 m2) consists of 11 residential units,
  • Volume of 15.436,47 m3
  • Installed equipment and systems: water supply system: electrical installation, hot water and heating system, gas piping installation.


In the building and in the individual rooms the following systems and provisions are installed:

  • Electrical – made in accordance with the design, the stove in the kitchen has provison for electrical installation,
  • TV Antenna – one socket mounted in the living room, white,
  • Telephone – one socket in the living room,
  • Internet – one socket in the room,
  • Sewage installation – made according to the design without white assembly,
  • Gas furnace – in each apartment or premises, the Viessmann Vitopend 100WH1D dual-function gas furnace is used to heat hot water and keep the premises warm.
  • Chimneys – flue gas for furnace central heating and water,
  • Intercom,
  • Internal handrails – metalwork,
  • Stairwell lighting